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Large in size, with very tart, creamy yellow flesh that makes highly flavored pies and sauce. Also good for cider. First-picked fruits are mostly green riper fruit appears yellow to orange with uneven reddish stripes. Fully ripened fruit is firm, juicy, less tart and suited to fresh use.

Midseason harvest, about with Golden Delicious. Spreading tree is heavy-bearing and disease-resistant. Originated in England in the early s. Estimated chilling requirement hours. Sterile pollen, pollenizer required. It matures with other Gala selections and is comparable in size, firmness, fruit quality and storage life. The Buckeye Gala tree is a very precocious annual bearer with a vigorous, upright, semi-spur habit. Self-fertile, maximum yields with cross-pollination.

Flattened, round shape with prominent, uneven ribs near the base. Usually harvested green, turning yellow and reaching peak flavor a month or so after picking. Best quality reached after the first few crops. Harvest in late midseason, just after Jonagold. Vigorous grower with weeping side limbs.

Origin unknown, planted in France in the early s. Large fruit, resembling Golden Delicious. Greenish-yellow to yellow skin, sometimes blushed pink.

Cream colored flesh is crisper than Golden Delicious, the shape more elongated. Sweet, subacid, mild flavor. Used fresh and for baking. Early harvest, just before McIntosh. Long-time favorite in Eastern U. Sweet tart, flavorful, non-browning white flesh. Early harvest, a few days after McIntosh. Precocious, productive tree is hardy to deg F.

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