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She will be our preacher at Sunday morning worship. Long before Trayce was born, her family was active in the life of Bethany Christian Church. Since her family has been attending and serving at Bethany.

Jeanette Potter was the first and was followed by her late great grandmother Sis. Winifred Horton , her late grandfather Bro. William Potter and mother Sis. Trayce has a host of aunts and uncles who also grew up at Bethany and accepted Christ here. The summer after her freshman year Trayce felt a wrestling within and began visiting different churches within the Cleveland area but none spoke to her needs or filled her. She then returned to her childhood church and found a sense of peace. That summer Trayce was baptized and life has never been the same since then.

Returning to SRU that next semester Trayce felt God calling her to a new place; and after much debate and prayer, she returned home with no clear plans of what the future held for her. It was during this period that Dr. Hedgeman took Trayce under her wing and introduced her to service.

It was also during this time that she began to explore and finally expressed a called to ministry. Trayce has worked to develop her craft of preaching and has preached at the local, regional and national settings.

As a leader of the church, her responsibilities include preaching, teaching Bible Study, Youth Ministry, and providing pastoral care to families and community individuals as needed. Ashley Funk comes from an old coal mining town in Southwestern Pennsylvania, and her experiences growing up next to abandoned mine waste sites has inspired her work as a community organizer. Brian Nurnberger founded the not-for-profit organization, Simply Smiles, in I credit being in the position to do so to my upbringing in the justice and service minded UCC.

Elivette Elly Mendez Angulo serves as the National Coordinator of Encuentros de Gracia y Bienvenida, an initiative of the United Church of Christ that seeks to engage the faithful in prayerful dialogue regarding sexual orientation and Latinx identity.

She offers workshops and training opportunities to engage in sacred conversations of grace and welcome, while using a multicultural, multigenerational exercise called "Identity Bowling" to discuss ways in which intersectionality affects each of us, and how we can build a more just-filled world together. She enjoys traveling, photography, blogging and talking about her love of the Franklinton Center at Bricks in Whitakers, North Carolina. He served as pastor at St. He is the author of "Beyond the Lectionary: He enjoys such outdoor activities as running, hiking, biking and fishing.

She is a recent graduate of Hampshire College, where she studied religion and creative writing. She is currently serving the First Church of Christ Simsbury as a member of the Young Adult Service Community, focusing on accessibility, worship, and young adult ministry.

She is deeply invested in "queering" the church in order to make it more relevant, accessible, and true to the radical ministry of Jesus. As a youth she had grown up "living at the playground program" that ran for the summer, and she wept at seeing the Center unused and in disrepair.

Ellis embarked on a personal campaign -- selling her business, using her life savings, and amassing a cadre of support -- to bring the LeMoyne Center back to life. Saturday evening preacher is an ordained minister for social justice advocacy of a progressive Neo-Pentecostal movement called: He is a writer, contributing to Proyecto Encuentros de Gracia y Bienvenida, an initiative of the national setting of the United Church of Christ, through Justice and Witness Ministries.

Its songwriters are all about community songs that serve lifelong spiritual formation of the people who sing. The company offers music for "a just and generous Christianity" and is subscribed to by local churches across denominations. All four are music ministry pros and have written thousands of songs between them. They need a better band name and are open to suggestions.

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