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Plot summary[ edit ] The novel opens in a hotel in the Algerian city of Biskra. It transpires that Diana is planning to leave on a month-long trip into the desert, taking no one with her but an Arab guide.

Once she begins travelling in the desert, it is not long before she is kidnapped by the eponymous Sheik , Ahmed Ben Hassan. It turns out her guide had been bribed. Ahmed takes Diana to his tent and rapes her, an event that happens off stage, between the second and third chapters.

One day, she manages to escape Gaston on one of these rides and gallops away. She is quickly recaptured by Ahmed, however, and as they are riding back to camp, she is overcome by the sudden realisation that she is in love with him. She knows she can say nothing of this, as Ahmed—who claims to find love dull—will send her away if he learns of her love.

It is made clear that he is punishing her because she is English, but not why he is doing this. Eventually, Diana is allowed to go riding again but is kidnapped by a rival sheik and taken away. When Ahmed finds this out, he realises his love for her and sets out to get her back. He succeeds but is badly wounded in the process and taken back to his tent. When Ahmed finally recovers, he explains to Diana that he is going to send her away.

Although she pleads with him and avows her own love, he stands firm. In despair, Diana reaches for a revolver and attempts to die in the same way as her father. Ahmed wrenches the gun from her, causing the bullet to go astray, and clasps her to him, declaring he will never let her go. The book ends with them passionately declaring their mutual love. Desert romance as a genre had been pioneered by writers like Robert Smythe Hichens and Kathlyn Rhodes, but The Sheik set off a major and influential revival of the form.

Diana thought of her own mother dying in the arms of a husband who adored her, and then of the little Spanish girl slipping away from life, a stranger in a strange land, her heart crying out for the husband whom she still loved, turning in ignorance of his love for consolation in the agony of death to the lover she had denied, and seeking comfort in his arms.

Hull was skilled at creating vivid descriptions, but these are often undercut by her reliance on Orientalist stereotypes, as in this passage from her travel memoir Camping in the Sahara: A string of camels, in charge of wild-eyed desert men and hung with heavy, pendulous sacks stuffed with henna from the south, stalked disdainfully through the crowd with a soft pad-pad of cushioned feet, on their way to the fondouk.

Crouched in the sand and dust, ragged and filthy hawkers of sweetmeats and vegetables cursed shrilly when bare-legged boys, clad only in a single garment open to the waist, drove too close to their little stock-in-trade tiny donkeys staggering almost hidden under loads of brushwood and greenstuffs. When it was published, it was considered an erotic novel and variously described in the press as "shocking" and "poisonously salacious. Other criticisms have been directed at ideas closely related to the central rape plot: There has been much criticism of various Orientalist and colonialist elements, such as the fact that interracial love between an Englishwoman and a "native" is avoided and the rape ultimately justified by having the rapist turn out to be European rather than Arab.

That women could submit to the degrading intimacy and fettered existence of married life filled [Diana] with scornful wonder. To be bound irrevocably to the will and pleasure of a man who would have the right to demand obedience in all that constituted marriage and the strength to enforce those claims revolted her. For a Western woman it was bad enough, but for the women of the East, mere slaves of the passions of the men who owned them, unconsidered, disregarded, reduced to the level of animals, the bare idea made her quiver.

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