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The community needs the following services from providers: C LGBT friendly doctors that provide right advise without prejudice Like a first public gay marriage.. Section is Repealed. Ebubu, the world is what it is.

Not what u want it to be. No body has any obligation to act or behave as per ur standards n definitions, which are actually very narrow minded n prejudiced to begin with. So relax, do sm soul searching if u get the time, or just let others live in peace. Fairs of India Rajeev It is individuals perception. At one end we say that homosexuals are also made by god, on the other hand we damn the homosexual activities done in public.

But the way you have right to feel disgusted, others also have rights to feel great with having sexual activities in the crowd. As long as there is no sexual abuse, as long as it is happening with the consent of 2 persons, as long as there is no harm to others, I think it should be considered ok. There are many things which should not happen on the name of festivals, but still happen, including over priced selling of food items, eve teasing while dancing in the festivals, human trafficking, begging, throwing garbage on the roads There are many things to feel disgusted, rather than feeling disgusted on harmless homosexual activities.

Dear Ebubu, with your latest post you have only reinforced my belief that you have internalized homophobia! You think majority of the effeminate and sissy guys are just putting on an act? In fact it is quite the opposite. The guys who are brave actually be themselves and behave as per their innate nature. No one is trapped in any acting role. Majority of the effeminate men you see are just being themselves so they do not need your pity! And anyone adopting that prescribed behaviour gets your pity?

Kiran If you are really a virgin, I suggest you to help yourself first. Make ur hole loose a little bit. Train it to take the things inside, as of now it is trained to throw the things out only. Use some water based lube LOX and finger yourself often Once u start feeling OK with 3 fingers Use medium side carrot peeled , medium size cucumber peeled. So that if it goes deep, you can use condom knot to pull it out. U have to train ur hole to take 5inch long object which is about of diameter of 1 - 1.

Once you start taking that and feel ok, then you are ready. Make sure he inserts slowly like 0. And then once deep in, still his movements are not fast.

To keep the thing under control, make him lay down, protect his dicm using condom, now lube it well, keep ur hole also lubed well. It would be still painful I hope you enjoy your first insertion. First time in or I saw it happening at extreme left of the chopatti, but only few guys I saw May be as I went there around 5am or so. This time, in , it was happening right in center of the crowd.

It was a big group of 50 60 people, jam packed circle It was Mix of crowd Feminine guys and masculine guys. TGs, and gay men and BIs. People from mumbai and people from nearby cities like jalgaon etc. So called white collar guys and typical farmer type guys too. Talked to few who had come from different cities They said they came here just for this thing.

Someone told me that it happens in pune too, but not at the level at which it happens on girgam chopatti. It Happens extreme Left of Chowpatty if u face Sea Do experience this time. You also need to be aware that the openness and more tolerance will bring a new look on the whole thing. Hope even India will come to that, one day One can always dream One can easily observe, in every society where homosexuality has become a "normal" way of life, that very, very few people NEED to act in this way, as they can be who they are without acting.

But most homosexual men are NOT transexuals, so why do they feel they need to act like transexuals? He gets crush on girls, he was dejected like how u were and I was also dejected.

I have felt possessive about him. Even this minute I feel like dying if he accepts me. My suggestion to you is, doing involve yourself in a relationship which will spoil your professional growth. As a gay, we have to lead a life which is all alone and for which we need financial independency. Make yourself financially strong, independent and then get into all these matters. At least have a job that will pay you a decent amount to take care of your parents and yourself.

Then do whatever you want. It is probably that he might also have same feelings for you. His avoiding you for past 3 days could be for some reason that he might have realised your importance and might have fear in mind. It happens when you like someone. I would suggest gather some courage and talk to him frankly and openly. Let him know that even if his feelings are not as yours, you value his frienship nevertheless.

Be brave and go for it, there is nothing to lose. Being Bottom - Do you face Prejudices? Gulfisaforever Personal call ya.. Our lectures are held during the weekend. Nothing sexual but just that I like his company. He looks hot though and has a huge girls list who are after him.

Bharatnatyam dancer Navtej Singh Johar 2. Journalist Sunil Mehra 3. Celebrity chef Ritu Dalmia 4. Hotelier Aman Nath 5. Hotelier Keshav Suri 6. Business executive Ayesha Kapur 7 Gautam Yadav: I feel highly offended if sm guy tells me tht he wants to make me his randi.

Nd frankly it hasnt happened with me ever. Once one guy did say tht but it was a masseur in a spa. Nd it was just to up the erotic quotient on his part. I understood tht nd didnt feel offended.

Heroes of Gay History in India fifty. Its abt looking at the bigger picture. Or the full picture. Just bcoz you or any other particular individual feels like expressing his sexuality in a particular way, doesnt mean you should expect everyone to follow suit. Thts the whole point. Different ppl hv different tastes. Just like sm folks prefer gals n sm prefer guys, i may not be too keen to wear pink or purple.

Not bcoz of society or state, just bcoz i prefer sm other color. I may not like to put on lipstick. Doesnt mean tht i despise those who do. Its an individuals personal choice. There ought not be everything in black n white.

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