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October 2; first French contact with Wyandots in the vicinity of the great town of Hochelaga, site of the present Montreal. Wyandots and related tribes may number between 30, and 45,, with two of the largest, the Attignousntan and the Attigneenongnahac, joined in a confederacy. Already at war with other Iroquoian tribes, the Wyandots begin to move west. The brutal behavior of the Spanish has a devastating effect on the tribes of the southeast; perhaps coincidently, Mississippian culture enters a rapid decline.

He is buried in the Mississippi at night to hide his death from the Indians. His elder half-sister Mary I becomes Queen of England. Her younger half-sister Elizabeth I becomes Queen of England. Beginning of the "Great Peace. The four nations are at the height of their power in Ouendake the French Huronia , with 16 towns between Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay in central Ontario. Capital of the confederacy is the town of Ossossane on Nottawasaga Bay. Ottawa to Wyandot to Iroquois fur trade flourishes, supported by Wyandot agricultural surplus.

South of the Hurons is a second, smaller Wyandot confederacy, the Tionontate, called Petun by the French. A third Wyandot group, the Attiwandaronk, called the Neutrals because of their stance in Wyandot-Iroquois conflicts, occupies the country west of Niagara.

The Iroquois discover firearms. Dutch begin trading guns to the Iroquois. They are soon much better armed than the Hurons. Charles I becomes King of England. Arrival of Jesuit missionaries in Canada. Champlain must begin to rebuild. Trois Rivieres is founded by La Biolette. It becomes the fur trading center of New France. Many turn to the Church for protection from the epidemic. They have friendly relations with most groups of the Delaware Indians. The Iroquois attack Huron canoes on the Ottawa River in retaliation for loss of the fur trade to the French.

Marie as a place of pilgrimage. The Iroquois block the Ottawa River. Twenty French men-at-arms are sent to protect Huronia. The Atontrataronnon, an Algonquian people, seek asylum with the Huron to escape destruction by the Iroquois. Instead, the Huron take 60 canoe loads of furs to Montreal. No Huron trading canoes go to Montreal this year. July 4; raiding deep into Ouendake, the Iroquois destroy the Huron mission village of St.

Joseph, torturing the Jesuit missionary, Father Antoine Daniel, to death. The Huron trading expedition returns from Quebec with 27 Frenchmen, including 12 men-at-arms. March 16; 1, well-armed Iroquois launch coordinated attacks into Ouendake, wiping out the mission towns of St. Ossossane is abandoned as the Huron Confederacy disintegrates.

Many flee to islands in Georgian Bay; some seek refuge with the Ottawa, Petun, or French, while others become adopted captives of the Iroquois.

Marie is abandoned, the refugees moving to the safety of Christian Island in Georgian Bay. In December, the Petun lose their principal town to the Iroquois. Jean, are tortured to death by the Iroquois, bringing the number of Jesuit martyrs to five.

Petun and Huron refugees leave Ontario, and spend the winter of on Mackinac Island. A Shawnee colony called the Savannah is in South Carolina, where they form a buffer between the Cherokee and the Catawba.

The Neutrals are attacked by the Iroquois. Some flee, others are absorbed by the Seneca. They disappear as a tribe. Their chief is Ignace Tsaouenhohouhi. In the years of skirmishing back and forth, the Delaware have generally sided with the Swedes. Charles II becomes King of England. The Crown takes possession of the colony. The Mission of La Pointe du St.

This brings 20 years of peace to New France and largely ends the conflict between the Iroquois and the Wyandots. Kondiaronk is Sastaretsi, "Grand Sachem" or hereditary head chief of Wyandots in the west. Ignace is founded by Father Marquette. Ignace to find the great river described by the Illinois Indians. They reach the Mississippi on June 17, and the mouth of the Arkansas a month later, where they turn back after learning there are Spanish in the area of the present New Orleans.

The successful revolt temporarily creates a power vacuum in western North America, which the French are quick to exploit. March 21; birth of Johann Sebastian Bach. One group ends up in Maryland. At the invitation of Sieur Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, Wyandots move south from Michilimackinac to settle in the vicinity of the new fort, but pro- and anti-French anti-Catholic divisions persist. Cadillac himself is hostile toward the Jesuits and their missionary efforts. Marlborough and Prinz Eugene versus the Sun King.

From this point, the Iroquois regard the Delaware as a subserviant people. The Munsee have already separated from the main Delaware group. The next day he investigates the "crusts of Red Earth" he saw along the banks of the Kansas River.

August 15; a Spanish military expedition from Santa Fe and their Apache allies are defeated by the Pawnee and their French allies near the principal Pawnee village at the forks of the Platte in present Nebraska. Only a handful of men return to Santa Fe. They gradually assume sovereignty over all the Ohio country between the Great Lakes and the Miami River.

Respected by surrounding Algonquian tribes, the Wyandots are now regarded by the Six Nations as their viceroys in Ohio. Their influence greatly exceeds their numbers. With his followers he leaves Detroit to establish a new village at Lower Sandusky present Fremont, Ohio. Westernmost outpost of the Illinois district in Upper Louisiana, it is intended to keep a watchful eye on both the Spanish in Santa Fe and French fur traders in the area. Father Pierre Potier arrives at the Wyandot mission.

This is the furthest British penetration into lands claimed by the French. He fails but burns the mission church. Most Wyandots remain loyal to the French. July 28; death of Johann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig. Under continuing pressure from British colonists, many Delaware drift west once more, crossing the Alleghenies into western Pennsylvania. The majority of the Munsee move north from Pennsylvania to settle in Canada.

A few rejoin the main group of Delaware. The Delaware still on the Susquehanna stay neutral at first. The young George Washington is sent to destroy it but is forced to surrender to superior forces.

His rash actions help to trigger a wider war. The Indians are led by Anastase, a Huron war chief from Lorette. Twenty-three-year-old George Washington and year-old Daniel Boone are among the survivors. The Delaware still on the Susquehanna defy the Iroquois and join their western kinsmen, raiding as far as New Jersey and southern New York. The fighting in North America expands into the first global conflict, with Britain and Prussia fighting France, Austria and their allies in Europe, the Americas, and India.

April 14; Governor Robert Morris of Pennsylvania declares war on the Delaware, and offers cash bounties for prisoners and scalps. June 14; the governor of New Jersey declares war on the Delaware. Simon, James and George Girty are taken captive in an Indian raid in Pennsylvania, and are eventually traded to the Seneca. September 8; colonial troops attack and burn the principal Delaware town of Kittanning on the Allegheny River, but most Delaware escape with over white captives.

End of Delaware presence in central Pennsylvania. No longer under the thumb of the Iroquois, the Delaware reassert their manhood. The fort is burned and prisoners massacred. November 25; Colonial troops under Col. Rebuilt over the next two years as Fort Pitt, largest land fortification in North America, this establishes British control over the entire Ohio River valley.

He eventually becomes an interpreter at Fort Pitt. September 13; General James Wolfe takes Quebec. Deaths of both Wolfe and the Marquis de Montcalm. This marks the effective end of French power in North America. Pontiac meets in central Ohio with Maj.

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